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1.  Arasavilli
The famous Sun God Temple situated in Arasavalli Village which is at a distance of about 1 K.M. east of SRIKAKULAM Town in Andhra Pradesh head quarters of the coastal district in Andhra Pradesh . It is one of the ancient and all among two sun God temples in our Country. According to Padmapuranam , Sage Kasyapa installed the Idol of Surya at Arasavalli for the Welfare of mankind . Therefore , the Surya is of Kasyapasa Gotra . He is also termed as planetary King . The ' Sthalapuranam ' of the temple narrates that lord Devendra had founded this temple and installed the existing idol of the sun God commonly known as Lord suryanarayana Swamy Varu under the following circumstances . Once Lord Devendra , Ignoring the words of Dwarapalaka Nandi , attempted to force his entry for Darshan of Sri Rudrakoteswara Swamy varu at an untimely hour when Lord siva was along with his consort . The Dwarapalaka Nandi in the discharge of his duties kicked the intruder .
2.  Srikurmam
srikurmam is one of the ancient and famous temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the village called as Srikurmam. Sri Kurmam is the second form of Lord Vishnu wherein He takes the Avatara (form) of a Tortoise and hence the Lord here is called as "Sri Kurmanatha". This is the only temple in the entire country where Lord Vishnu is seen in "Kurmavatara". Some inscriptions has it that the presiding deity of this temple Lord Shiva and was worshipped by Saivaites (devotees of Lord Siva). It was later change to Vaishnavite by Sri Ramanujacharya - the most important philosopher and saint of Sri Vaishnavam (sect of people who worship Lord Vishnu). The temple is supposed to have been built out of a face rock. There are many inscriptions on the pillars of the temple, most of them in Devanagari (scripting language) script dating from 11th to 19th century AD. The architecture of the temple is magnificent with beautiful sculpture, paintings and carvings. You just cannot move your eyes off the carvings
3.  Salihundam
Salihundam is a village and panchayat in Gara Mandal of SRIKAKULAM district in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is situated on the south bank of River Vamsadhara at a distance of 5 kilometers west of Kalingapatnam and 18 kilometers from SRIKAKULAM town. It was known as Salivatika(meaning rice emporium). But many called it "Salyapetika" (meaning box of bones or relics). There are a number of Buddhist stupas and a huge monastic complex on a hillock amidst scenic surroundings. The site was first discovered by Gidugu Venkata Rama Murthy in 1919. During excavations relic caskets, four stupas, a Chaityagriha, structural emples and a number of sculptures reflecting the three phases of Buddhism - Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana were found dating back to about 2nd century BC to 12th century AD. The statues of 'Tara'[1] and Marichi were discovered at this site and from here Buddhism spread to Sumatra and other far-eastern countries.
4.  Srimukhalingam
Srimukhalingeswara Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located on the left banks of River Vamsadhara. Elegantly carved, this temple is a group of three temples dedicated to three forms of Lord Shiva namely, Mukhalingeswara, Bhimeswara and Someswara. The temple is built in Indo-Aryan style. To witness one of the marvellous sculptures, carvings and intricate architecture, one has to visit this temple. The architecture of the temple is so elegant that one just cannot move eyes from it. As you observe closely, you can see that every piece and corner of the temple is as excellent as the other. At the entrance, which is a huge arched gate, you are welcomed by two lions on each side of the few stair-cases. The first gate takes you to the outer prakara have where there is you a Nandi in a mandapam.
5.  Kalingapatnam
Kalingapatnam has a history, which dates back to the advent of western invaders into India. European merchants disembarked from their ships and made it their port. Until 1958, huge ships from Malaysia and Singapore arrived at this port wherein perfumes, clothes and many other things were exported. There was a huge coco plantation spread across the local beaches that were also exported. During British rule, the port was closed to avoid other invaders to enter the country. However the light house constructed during the British times still exists near the port.
6.  Kaviti
Kaviti village is located at a distance of 130 Kms. from District head quarters in between two towns Viz Sompeta and Ichapuram, towards East. The area constituting Kaviti Mandal is populary known as Uddanam (Udyanavanam). The coastal belt at this place presents a pleasant appearance, covered with large extents of Coconut, Cashewnut, Jack and other fruit trees. The Uddanam area is a scenic spot for the visitors. Two famous temples Chintamani Ammavaru and Sri Sitharamaswamy temple are situated in this Village.
7.  Baruva
Baruva in Sompeta Mandal is situated at a distance of 109 Kms from SRIKAKULAM town. The famous Sri Kotilingeswara Swamy and Janardhana Swamy temple are located at this place. Further, there is a coconut nursery and a Coir Industry located here. The river Mahendra Tanaya Merges into sea at this place. Thousands of people take seabath during festivals. Baruva was once an important seaport. Two obelisks, one of black and the other of white, of fifty feet height above the sea level, mark the seaport. Large grown up Coconut Trees and the #336600 paddy fields make the place picturesque.
8.  Telineelapuram
Telineelapuram is a village located 65 kilometers from SRIKAKULAM & 7 kms from Tekkali in Tekkali mandal, while Telukunchi is at a distance of 115 kilometers from SRIKAKULAM in Ichchapuram mandal. Every year, over 3,000 pelicans and painted storks visit from Siberia to these villages during September and stay on till March. It is a paradise for bird observers. Researchers at Andhra University said the birds had been following this aerial route since 15 years. The migratory movement was first noticed over 15 years ago. At that time the number of birds exceeded 10,000. Today, the figure has been reduced to about 3,000. The Tekkali creek and the villages in its vicinity like Telineelapuram, Ijjuvaram and Naupada in the district have become a seasonal resort for the winged tourists coming from as far as Siberia in Russia, Malaysia, Hungary, Singapore and Germany apart from 113 different species of inland birds, a majority of which are migrants from other states.
9.  Mandasa
This Place is situated at the foot Mahendragiti which is at a distance of 26 kms.from Sompeta town.There is a fort which is considered to be the highest is south india and it is place of tourist interest.In this village the temple of Varahaswamy attracts the attention of the tourists .
10.  Rajam
Rajam or Razam is a census town, municipality and mandal headquarters in SRIKAKULAM district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Rajam mandal is bordered by Ganguvari Sigadam, Santhakavati and Regidi Amadalavalasa mandals of SRIKAKULAM district and Vizianagaram district. Rajam is situated at a distance of 40 Kms. from SRIKAKULAM town. The place has nostalgic association with Tandra Paparayudu, the valiant Sardar of Bobbili.
11.  Ponduru
Ponduru is a village and Mandal headquarters in SRIKAKULAM district of Andhra Pradesh, India, about 20 kilometers from SRIKAKULAM Town. Ponduru is situated at a distance of 21 Kms. from SRIKAKULAM town. The village is famous for the production of fine quality of Khadi which is popular through out India.
12.  Sangham
Sangam is a village and a pilgrimage site in Vangara mandal in SRIKAKULAM district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. [1] It is about 56 kilometers from SRIKAKULAM Town and 20 kilometers from Rajam. River Nagavali, Suvarnamukhi and Vegavati confluence takes place here. Hence it is a Triveni sangam similar to one well known in Allahabad. One of the five lingas of Lord Sangameswara is here. Thousands of devotees gather here on Maha Sivaratri Festival. Sangham is in Vangara Mandal, it is 56 Kms. from SRIKAKULAM. Here three rivers viz. Nagavali, Suvarnamukhi and Vegavathi merge together. The Sangameswara temple located here is one of the five linga kshetras, thousands of people congregate here on Mahasivaratri.
13.  Danthapuri
Danthapuri is one of the historical place near Amadalavalasa. This village situated on the way from Amadalavalasa to Hiramandalam in India, 10km from Amadalavalasa. Ancient Buddha stupa are present in this place. It is believed to be a place of Buddha religion and a shiddhardas living place. It is an important archeological place, called Boudha Gynana dantha puri, where the archeological department found some bricks, pots, nabed wear, terracotta articles, bangles, beads, stone and iron articles. It is elevated in the BC 261 after Kalinga battle by Ashoka Chakravarthi. Kalinga rajas treated as capital of their region. The Boudha Gynana dantha collected and presented by Arhat Kheru Terudu to Brahmadatta Raja of Kalinga. Brahma Datta Kalinga Raja constructed a monument on Boudha Gyana Dahtha in this place so the place is called Danthapuri.
Chief Minister
Sri. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu